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Bristol Health Medical Care Center

Bristol, CT

Delivered in June of 2019, and located at the intersection of Main Street and Riverside Avenue in downtown Bristol, the 62,000 square foot Medical Care Center is occupied by Bristol Health’s Multi-Specialty Group, providing the community with a range of crucial services including endocrinology, rheumatology, urology, cardiology, and a diabetic center, for the first time under one roof.

In addition to providing affordable and accessible healthcare to the community, the project takes an important step in the renaissance of downtown Bristol, and will give forth to future development as the Medical Care Center attracts residents and generates renewed interest in selecting the area as the site for new retail and residential projects. Working with the Hospital and the City of Bristol to fully understand their vision, Rendina collaborated on a design that blends medical and retail architectural elements, represented by the glass and brick facade and use of natural light throughout, creating an inviting atmosphere that includes a cafe in the two-story atrium.

“Rendina has been outstanding to work with,” said Bristol Mayor Ken Cockayne while speaking at a news conference in Bristol. “This has been nothing but a positive experience.”

Kurt Barwis, CEO of Bristol Health added “We, as a community and healthcare provider, are grateful to Rendina. At a time in our history when other developers turned away, Rendina stuck with us and together we have created a first class facility for first class healthcare.”

Richard Rendina, Chairman and CEO of Rendina Healthcare Real Estate, sees the project as a chance to build a lasting relationship with Bristol Hospital. “We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with Bristol Health and provide the community a modern healing facility,” said Rendina. “The hospital collaborated with our design team to come up with something that’s not only patient-centered and efficient, but is true to the city’s vision for a new downtown Bristol.